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Welcome to Saša
Croatian Restaurant

Saša Restaurant is the first place to go when in search of traditional Croatian continental cuisine. We are proud to say that our meals are prepared according to traditional recipes. The restaurant is located at 83 Guangming st, Kaohsiung. The interior can hold up to 35 guests. It is as equally appealing to business people as it is to families with children and tourists seeking a taste of genuine Croatian cuisine. It will dazzle you with the vigour and cheerful merriments of its laidback guests, who, served by our commendable staff, feel right at home and always want to return.
Welcome to Saša <br/>Croatian Restaurant

Croatian Meals & Dining Customs

Croatia’s old dining tradition is still strong, but it is changing as citizens shift their work hours, eating habits, and culinary awareness. Breakfast & Gablec -- Western-style breakfast (doručak: eggs, pastries, meats, cereals) is served at larger hotels and restaurants throughout Croatia.

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Regional Specialties

Dining is a national sport in Croatia. Generally, food is good in all regions of the country. Beyond the ever-present offerings of pizza and grilled meat and fish from north to south, each part of the country prides itself on specific traditional dishes.

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