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On 21 December 1990, the post-socialist government of Croatia, passed a law prescribing the design of the flag.

Design added the five crowning shields which represent the historical regions from which Croatia originated.

They are, from left to right:

Considered the oldest known symbol representing Croatia: Bleu celeste, a mullet of six points Or surmounted above a crescent Argent - A golden six-pointed star (representing the morning star) over a silver crescent moon on a blue shield.


 Dubrovnik region - Coat of arms of Dubrovnik: Azure, two bars gules - Two red stripes on a dark blue shield. This is a simplified variation of the Coat of arms of Dubrovnik, with two red bars instead of four, it was used by Dubrovnik Republic since the 14th century.


Coat of arms of Dalmatia: Bleu celeste, three leopards' heads affrontés caboshed Or, crowned Or - Three golden, crowned heraldic leopard heads, two over one, on a blue shield. The depicted version from the crown differs from the traditional depiction of these arms: traditionally, the leopards are roaring and langued (i.e. with tongues visible), and the colour of the shield is heraldic azure, not bleu celeste. Historically, this coat of arms was in use since at least the 14th century. 


Coat of arms of Istria: Azure, a goat (Capricorn) statant Or, attired and hoofed Gules - Golden goat (Capricorn) with red hooves and horns, on a dark blue shield. The goat as a symbol of Istria is claimed to be associated with Istria since ancient times. However the origins of this coat of arms are unclear and until the 19th century there was no official symbol of Istria.


Coat of arms of Slavonia: Bleu celeste, a fess Gules fimbriated Argent surmounted by a mullet of six points Or, a marten Sable courant proper in chief - Six-pointed star (morning star) above two silver stripes on a blue shield (representing the rivers Drava and Sava marking the Northern and Southern border of Slavonia), between them a running Pine marten in natural colors (Kuna in Croatian - note the national currency Croatian kuna) on a red field. 


Unlike in many countries, Croatian design more commonly uses symbolism from the coat of arms, rather than from the Croatian flag. This is partly due to the geometric design of the shield which makes it appropriate for use in many graphic contexts (e.g. the insignia of Croatia Airlines or the design of the shirt for the Croatia national football team), and partly because the Pan-Slavic colors are present in many European flags



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